Kashi Tamil Sangamam : Chamu Krishna Shastri


Kashi Tamil Sangamam is a historic event. It is going to be epoch making. Kashi Tamil Sangamam with focus on diversity in unity will bring minds and hearts together and will strengthen the ageless bonds of boundaryless people says samu krishna sashtri, Chairman, Bharatiya Bhasha Samiti of Ministry of Education. He further stated, Varanasi, known popularly as Kashi in Tamil Nadu, is one of the oldest living cities of the world endowed with a civilizational and cultural continuum that is unparalleled. Knowledge, philosophy, culture, language, literature, arts and crafts have all flourished in this holy city on the banks of Ganga. Temples and Pathashalas, eateries and pan shops situated at the Ghats, lanes and bi-lanes of Kashi along the Ganga have been the witnesses for the daily scholarly chats and debates for thousands of years. Tamil language and its classical literature has been a great repository of Indian Knowledge Systems since the time of Tolkapiar written by Rishi Agastyar.

 Both the cities, Kashi and Kanchi, had Vishwavidyalaya, the highest seats of learning since ancient times. From times immemorial, if Kashi was the aspirational city of higher education, Tamil Nadu was the aspirational land of applied knowledge. If Kashi saw the zenith of Pandita Parampara, Tamil Nadu saw the peak of Tamil ilakkiaparambarai (Tamil literary tradition). These are only a few illustrations to show how the two regions of Bharat, Kashi and Tamil Nadu were the cradles of Knowledge Heritage of India” says chamu krishna shastri

 As part of the Ore Bharatham Unnadha Bharatham (Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat) Vision of  Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Kashi Tamil Sangamam will further strengthen the common experience, appreciation and bonds amongst the people of Tamil Nadu and Varanasi.Kashi Tamil Sangamam, a month-long festival starting from November 17th to 16th December, which happens to be Tamil Kartiga Maasam, is being organised by Ministry of Education under the guidance of  Minister of Education Dr. Dharmendra Pradhan. IIT Madras through its website www.kashitamil.iitm.ac.in <http://www.kashitamil.iitm.ac.in> selects and sends altogether 2500 delegates to Varanasi in 12 groups, about 210 in each group. 

Banaras Hindu University is hosting the Sangamam festival in its campus. 12 seminars will be organised pertaining to the subject domain of each group for interaction between scholars, experts and practitioners to exchange their expertise and best practices and to learn from each other. Cultural programs will be held everyday evening throughout the month showcasing all forms of arts of Tamil Nadu including both classical and folk. Exhibitions and sales stalls of all types of handicrafts, handlooms and unique products of Tamil Nadu and Stalls of Classical Tamil Texts with translation in Hindi and other languages will be another attraction of the festival. 

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