udazH X8 Water Bottles provide hydrogen-rich water with anti-ageing benefits

Award winning brand and the latest Tech4.0 product udazH’s X8 hydrogen water bottles have enjoyed an overwhelming response from the customers. The hydrogen-rich water produced by udazH’s X8 Hydrogen Water Bottles offers anti-aging properties!

Everyone wants to be in good health, but one always believes that an illness will never strike them. In the world we live in, increasing levels of pollution and radiation, coupled with stressful lifestyles, trigger excessive free radical generation in our body. Having to constantly tackle this situation is beyond the scope of the human body. In time, this situation leads to cellular oxidative stress, the root cause of many diseases. To aid balancing excessive free radicals, we need the support of exogenous antioxidants. How do we get that?

X8 is an exciting option that offers just that! Consuming this hydrogen-rich water improves our body's ability to neutralize deleterious effect of free radicals. 

The next-generation X8 Hydrogen Water Bottles offer certain amazing benefits:

Hydrates skin better

Eliminates inflammation

Improves blood circulation

Restores energy levels

Improves athletic performance

Boosts cellular health

Enhances brain activity

Effects anti-ageing

The consumption of H2 water in a day is equivalent to eating antioxidant rich foods like (approx.) 4 pumpkins, 750 bananas, 38 carrots 45 spinach and 500 apples! 

Dr. Babu Sudhakar, the Founder, Chairman & Managing Director of Serene Envirotech Pvt. Ltd., strongly believes that “With our X8 Hydrogen Water Bottles, we strive to encourage a healthy lifestyle in which the body is balanced with antioxidants from sub-cellular level. In addition, the wellness business in India has undergone a paradigm shift, as a rising number of consumers, particularly those aged 40 and older, choose Siddha or Ayurvedic alternatives to mainstream therapy. Today, as a result of the global epidemic, we are seeking to shift our focus from chemical-based products and services to more natural, safe, cost-efficient, and effective solutions for a healthier and more sustainable future. It is our vision that this product certainly aids ageing people to age gracefully with less medical dependency”

The X8 water bottle uses the process of electrolysis to produce H2-infused water. H2 is not associated with water; it exists in its pure molecular form, so it has no effect on the taste or smell of drinking water. It is recommended to drink minimum of 1.5 liter a day of Hydrogen-rich water generated by X8.

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