Amazon announced 50% waiver on referral fees for new sellers

To help new sellers kickstart their e-commerce journey in 2023, announced that all new sellers registering on between 15 January- 14 April 2023 will be eligible for 50% waiver on referral fees for a period of 60 days. Referral fees are fees payable by sellers to Amazon for facilitating sales on the online marketplace. With a 50% waiver on referral fees, Amazon aims to incentivize new sellers to leverage e-commerce.

‘New-to-e-commerce’ businesses can benefit significantly from the 50% waiver on referral fees. This may possibly help businesses establish a foothold in the competitive e-commerce market by reducing their upfront costs and allowing them to work towards growing their business. 

Amit Nanda, Director, Selling Partner Services, Amazon India, said, “As the new year begins, we are thrilled to announce a 50% referral fee waiver for 'new to e-commerce' businesses on We believe that with the right support, small businesses can grow. This waiver is in line with our commitment to digitize 10 million Indian small businesses by 2025 by making it more cost effective to start their online journey.”

Over 1.2 million sellers are currently part of the Amazon India marketplace, and benefit from various programs, service and initiatives launched by the company. This includes businesses of all sizes including local stores, traditional weavers and artisans, women entrepreneurs as well as startups and digital entrepreneurs who make their selection of products available on 

Amazon India also offers various programs for local neighbourhood stores across many states of India to integrate their offline services and a chance to sell online on such as through focused programs like Local Shops on Amazon.

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