Launch of Sensodyne New Complete Protection+

Haleon, the makers of Sensodyne announced the launch of its latest product - Sensodyne Complete Protection+. The launch is aimed at offering consumers an All-in-One Sensodyne offering to manage their overall Oral Care needs. Complete Protection+ combines the trusted Sensodyne credentials of protection against tooth sensitivity along with a multitude of Oral Care benefits like fresh breath, whitening, deep cleaning, cavity protection and more. The latest Sensodyne variant is now available on leading E-commerce platforms and will soon reach a store near you. The cost for the 70g pack of Sensodyne Complete Protection is MRP of Rs 195.

Sensodyne Complete Protection+ offers trustworthy protection against tooth sensitivity and its advanced cleaning system helps maintain natural whiteness of teeth. The unique formula contains optimally sized spherical silica cleaning particles which help in deep cleaning and refreshing mint flavour ensures a clean and fresh feeling. The toothpaste also contains fluoride which keeps teeth strong and protects against cavities.

Speaking about the launch of Sensodyne Complete Protection+, Bhawna Sikka, Area Marketing Lead - Oral Care, India Sub-continent Haleon (erstwhile GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare) said, “Millions of people in India continue to live a compromised life due to tooth sensitivity. We worked with them to understand the need for a specialist sensitivity toothpaste which also offers other Oral Care benefits. Complete Protection+ toothpaste unlocks an elevated Sensodyne experience by offering All-in-One Sensitivity Protection. We are excited about this proposition and are confident that it will be loved by consumers too.”

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