Amazon helps sellers by simplifing registration process


Amazon India has introduced a streamlined registration process that not only simplifies the onboarding experience for businesses in India but also goes beyond by offering intelligent suggestions to complete onboarding. This new and improved process empowers sellers to effortlessly register as sellers on and begin their selling journey using just a smartphone. 

It not only pre-fills the necessary information but also suggests the best options, such as a machine learning-generated store name and shipping preferences, ensuring a seamless and efficient registration process with real-time support to address any queries or concerns.

Presently, 65% of Amazon sellers originate from Tier-2 and 3 cities, and this proportion is set to see an upward trend. However, many of these sellers’ face difficulties in completing the registration process on Amazon due to their lack of advanced technological skills. 

The revamped registration procedure addresses this challenge by providing valuable assistance at every step, enabling sellers to initiate their selling journey on Amazon within minutes, free from complications or obstacles. Through this new and secured experience, creating an account is as simple as providing a valid mobile number, and once logged in, sellers only need to enter their GSTIN for business.

Amit Nanda, Director, Selling Partner Services, Amazon India said, “The first step in starting an online business - that of registering and onboarding - is often the most daunting for small businesses who are new to ecommerce. By simplifying the registration process, we look forward to more Indian entrepreneurs, armed with no more than a mobile device and GSTIN, seizing the opportunity to sell online.”

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