ITC Fiama launched new soap

 ITC’s Fiama, amongst the leading personal wash brands in India, continues to disrupt and innovate in the wash segment, with the recent launch of the unique Fiama Sandalwood Oil and Patchouli Gel Bar. ITC Fiama gives the sandal soap a modern twist.  The new launch offers various pack sizes to enable trial pricing at INR 95 for a 125gm pack; INR 265 for a pack of 3 (375 gms in a pack); and at INR 530 for a pack of 6 (750 gms in a pack). The Soap is available in leading retail outlets, online as well as in stores across India.  

The unique amalgamation of sandalwood oil and patchouli evokes a warm, earthy and exotic sensory experience that blends harmoniously to create a captivating and alluring long lasting fragrance.  The Gel Bar’s fragrance enlivens, energizes and true to the brand ethos, uplifts the mood. The Fiama Sandalwood Oil and Patchouli Gel Bar has a rich and luxurious lather that gently leaves the skin feeling soft and glowing. Patchouli infuses a sense of freshness and vitality into every bathing experience With skin conditionersThe emotion of the Fiama Sandalwood oil and Patchouli gel bar is epitomized by the vivacious, young and spirited new star of Indian cinema, Rashmika Mandanna. As the new brand ambassador. Conceptualized by Ogilvy, the launch film, further captures this refreshingly new vibe in the sandal soap segment.  

Sameer Satpathy, Divisional Chief Executive, Personal Care Products Business Division, ITC Limited said, “Fiama Sandal disrupts the segment with its innovative gel bar format and a unique ingredient mix which is modern yet preserves tradition. We are delighted to have Rashmika Mandanna on board. The product promises a new experience and this, coupled with Rashmika’s infectious energy makes Fiama Sandal a must try.”

Fiama Brand ambassador, Rashmika Mandanna, adds, “Since childhood, I have always seen sandal soaps in a certain ritualistic and ancient way, more so owing to my Coorgi roots. Fiama Sandal and the way it is being presented breaks every set notion of a typical sandal soap. I am proud to be a part of this exhilarating journey to redefine the emotion, promise and perception of a sandal soap.”

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