Vascular Society of India organised Walkathon in Madurai

Vascular Society of India celebrated the National Vascular Day across the nation. On this occasion, a Walkathon was organised in 26 cities across India including Madurai to spread awareness by a message of 'Walk a Mile to Live with a Smile' with a theme - Amputation FREE India. The Walkathon was from the Madurai Medical College to IMA (2-3 kms).

Following the vision of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi for a Fit India, the VSI organised the WALKATHON with an aim to bring the national focus on promoting healthcare, awareness, and timely interventions to prevent conditions that could lead to lower limb amputations (diabetes, smoking, hypertension and high cholesterol).

Dr. Sarvanan Robinson, Senior Vascular Surgeon and Chief Organizer, Madurai - Vascular Society of India said,“We are very encouraged to see the amazing response of our campaign in Madurai. Our Mission is to Promote Healthier Communities through comprehensive Vascular Health Care Delivery System resulting in Amputation FREE India. Today on the National Vascular Day, Walkathon has taken place simultaneously in 26 cities across the nation, where over 8,000 enthusiastic participants joined with great fervour.”

This national drive becomes more relevant in today’s times, when India is becoming the diabetic capital of the world. More and more population is at the risk of preventable amputations because of unhealthy lifestyle and diet. This is an effort to create nationwide awareness, so that these amputations can be prevented by lifestyle changes, and if at all the need arises, treatment can be done early, thus preserving their quality of life.

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