Care Health insurance creates awareness on Cardiovascular disease

The incidence of heart attacks among young adults is reaching alarming levels in recent years and Care Health Insurance reinstates its commitment to safeguarding the health and finances of individuals. In a bid to emphasize the critical role a comprehensive Health Insurance plays in the lives of people, we draw your attention towards the alarming situation in particular parts of India, namely in the states of Kerala, Punjab and Tamil Nadu, where the prevalence of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) is at its peak.

 According to the report on Cardiovascular Disease in India, a 360-degree overview, published by the National Library of Medicine, ‘Within India, the rates of CVD vary markedly with highest in states of Kerala, Punjab and Tamil Nadu. Moreover, these states also have the highest prevalence of raised cholesterol levels and blood pressure. At present, India has the highest burden of acute coronary syndrome and ST-elevation myocardial infarction (MI).’

In response to these very unfavorable indices, Mr. Ajay Shah, Head Distribution, Care Health Insurance, said “Heart ailments, once primarily associated with older age groups, are now afflicting young adults and that too at an alarming rate.  Regardless of the cause, the message is crystal clear-Health Insurance has become more vital than ever before to secure yourself against the financial stress arising due to unforeseen medical exigencies in future. Care Health Insurance is dedicated to raising awareness about heart health, stressing the significance of preventive healthcare with routine health check-ups, promoting a heart-healthy way of life, and ensuring individuals have the requisite coverage to safeguard their health & well-being."

Care Health Insurance’s Care Heart is a Comprehensive Health Insurance covering individuals with pre-existing heart conditions. The specialized plan understands the needs of people who have undergone a heart treatment, offers appropriate coverage that may be required during a health emergency in the future, offers regular heart check-ups and gives you access to wellness programs that empower you to maintain a heart-healthy lifestyle. Besides, Care Heart gives comprehensive coverage for hospitalization, and includes 30 days pre and 60 days post hospitalization coverage. It also extends its coverage to domiciliary hospitalization, provides automatic recharge and no claim bonus and even insures people opting for alternative treatments like AYUSH.

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