India’s manufacturing industry on an upward trajectory with 36% rise in jobs

India’s commitment to become a major global manufacturing hub is reinforced as the sector witnesses a 36% increase in job postings, as unveiled by Indeed, a leading global matching and hiring platform. Recent data by Indeed also indicated that production and manufacturing continues to remain one of the most hired functional areas in the past year.  The Indeed Hiring Tracker  unveiled an interesting insight concerning moonlighting - the act of engaging in a “side gig” in addition to one’s day job. Within the manufacturing sector, 79% of employers are not in favor of moonlighting, believing that it violates their employment contract and work ethic.

Commenting on the data, Sashi Kumar, Head of Sales, Indeed India said, “The growth in demand for manufacturing jobs is a positive sign for India's economy. As the country strives to position itself as a global export leader, it is crucial to address the talent mismatch to ensure that the industry continues to grow. Advocacy for upskilling and reskilling programs can help bridge the gap between job seekers and employers, and the government's efforts in promoting the manufacturing industry can provide a conducive environment for job creation.”

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