Cipla conducts nationwide lungs screening camps

On this World COPD Day, medical experts across the nation unite under the global theme of, 'Breathing is Life - Act Earlier,' highlighting the pivotal role of heightened disease awareness in improving disease control, quality of life as well as life expectancy for those grappling with this condition.COPD is characterized by obstructed airflow and damage to the lungs. Risk factors range from, exposure to indoor pollution e.g., Chulha smoke, tobacco smoke, outdoor air pollution, to occupational-related pollutants in industries like agriculture. 

To confirm a COPD diagnosis, a crucial lung function test called spirometry is necessary, which measures the amount of air one can breathe in and out, depicting the lung function of an individual. Although irreversible, the condition is manageable with appropriate treatment strategies, implemented in a timely manner. However, for patients to actively pursue a diagnosis, engage in self-management programs, and make effective use of treatment action plans, it is imperative for them to be able to identify triggers, as well as early symptoms of the condition.

Highlighting the role of better disease awareness for the early detection and treatment of COPD, Dr. B. Gopinath, Consultant Pulmonologist, Madurai said, “In a country with diverse medical practices, awareness plays a crucial role in promoting disease diagnosis and rational treatment. Since COPD is a progressive condition, it is essential to control it before there is a significant decline in lung function as well as worsening of symptoms like breathlessness, cough, sputum production, wheezing, and chest tightness. With nearly two-thirds of cases remaining undiagnosed and only one-fifth receiving rational inhalation treatment, raising awareness can save lives by making sure more people get the care they need. Bronchodilator inhalers are crucial for treating COPD, and programs like pulmonary rehabilitation can greatly enhance quality of life".

World COPD Day 2023 serves as a global call to action to raise awareness about the condition and stress upon the importance of early lung health in COPD management.  However, awareness efforts must be met by an ecosystem that enables better access to healthcare support. For example, to commemorate this important day in the country’s journey to improving lung health on a national level, Cipla conducts nationwide lung screening camps to increase awareness and opportunities for diagnosis of COPD. This is in addition to initiatives like ‘Breathefree’.  With both a physical and digital presence i.e., the Breathefree Digital Educator, it encompasses the complete patient journey in the areas of screening, counselling, and treatment adherence. Programs like these are important to help patients effectively manage their lung health, enabling better patient outcomes.

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