Star Health paid Rs.8 crore in cashless claim settlements in Pondicherry

Star Health and Allied Insurance, India’s leading standalone health insurer, announced that it has cleared claims worth over Rs.9 crores in Pondicherry within the 15 months from April 22 to June 2023. The company paid Rs.9 crore in claim settlements to network hospitals and Rs.58 lakh in claim settlement to non-network hospitals in the region. 

It paid over Rs.8 crore in cashless claim settlement and Rs.1 crore in reimbursement claim settlements in Pondicherry. Keeping its commitment to its customers, the company settled all cashless claims within 2 hours. In most cases, the initial authorization for cashless treatment was given within 2 hours.

During the 15 months from April 2022 to June 2023, most claims in Pondicherry were for surgical treatments amounting to over Rs.6 crore in claims pay-out. Medical treatments amounted to over Rs.3 crore in claims settlements. Of the total claims paid, over Rs.4 crore was paid towards claims made by women and over Rs.5 crore was paid towards claims made by men in Pondicherry.

Sharing his insights, Mr. Sanath Kumar K, Chief Claims Officer, Star Health and Allied Insurance Co. Ltd. said, "We are happy to say that at Pondicherry, Star Health has been quick to settle claims and approve cashless treatments. We are committed to our customer in the region and have constantly strived to provide the best experience possible for them. We continue to strengthen our hospital network in the city to make it easier for customers to gain access to cashless treatments at a hospital close to their residence.”

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