Arcil Donates Dialysis Equipment and Funds Critical Surgeries for Infants Battling Congenital Heart Disease

Arcil, India’s pioneering Asset Reconstruction Company has donated Dialysis Equipment to the Jain Medical & Dialysis Centre, Coimbatore in September, 2023 and sanctioned two grants to G. Kuppuswamy Naidu Memorial Hospital (GKNMH) for conduct of critical surgeries to correct Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) in infants. These initiatives are a significant part of Arcil's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) healthcare initiatives, reflecting the Company's dedication to contributing to the well-being of the under privileged strata of society.

Commenting on the initiative, Pallav Mohapatra, CEO and MD, Arcil, said, “Arcil takes pride in contributing to community well-being, underscoring our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and impactful improvements in healthcare accessibility. Our mission is to cultivate a future where compassion and innovation intersect. Guided by a commitment to social responsibility, we firmly believe that each investment in humanity leaves a lasting impact. Together, we are crafting a world where financial success harmonizes effortlessly with community betterment, embodying the essence of responsible leadership.”

Jain Medical and Dialysis Centre in Coimbatore provides subsidized affordable dialysis and other health facilities to needy members of the society. Dialysis treatment is provided by the Centre at a subsidised  cost of Rs. 300/- per session along with other ancillary services while the actual cost per dialysis session is Rs. 1,100/-. Currently, it is  able to perform approximately 700-750 dialysis in a month and the donation of the required medical equipment by Arcil will help the Centre to attain its full capacity of 1000 dialysis per month, and thereby provide cost effective, reliable and efficient health care facilities to low income beneficiaries.

Arcil is providing financial support to G. Kuppuswamy Naidu Memorial Hospital (GKNMH), Coimbatore, under the umbrella of Project Healing Tiny Hearts. This initiative focuses on facilitating life-saving interventions for less privileged children, aged 0-18, suffering from critical CHD. GKNMH, the sole hospital in India performing Ozaki procedures on children, utilizes the child's tissues to recreate heart valves, eliminating the need for external artificial valves and reducing treatment costs. The financial support from Arcil will cover the medical treatment costs of infants from families with a monthly income not exceeding ₹20,000.

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