Axis Mutual Fund Launches 'Axis India Manufacturing Fund'

In an endeavour to harness the potential of India's growing manufacturing theme, Axis Mutual Fund, one among the fastest growing fund houses in India, has announced the launch of Axis India Manufacturing Fund. The latest offering is an open-ended equity scheme that represents the India manufacturing theme and will be benchmarked against the Nifty India Manufacturing TRI. The NFO, opens on 1st December 2023, and aims to enable investors to leverage the potential of India’s manufacturing theme, that is expected to grow in the coming years. The NFO will remain open until 15th December 2023.

The Axis India Manufacturing Fund aims to strategically invest in themes that are poised to benefit from the structural shifts in the Indian economy. The fund seeks to provide a diversified approach, reflecting the breadth and depth of India's manufacturing prowess. It is set to encompass a wide spectrum of industries from capital goods and consumer durables to textiles and pharmaceuticals, thus offering investors a comprehensive avenue to participate in India's manufacturing success story.

The fund will aim to identify companies across three segments such as Manufacturers investing in factory equipment and R&D to build production capacity, Industries with rising demand trajectory due to domestic consumption and premiumization narrative & Focus on companies benefiting from India’s integration into the global supply chain.

The fund will follow a bottom-up approach with a multi-cap stock selection strategy. In addition to adopting an active sectoral allocation and ‘Quality’ style of investing, the Axis India Manufacturing Fund would also be focusing on the under-represented segments of Indian listed markets.  The Axis India Manufacturing Fund is envisioned as a conduit for investors to leverage the promising opportunities that lie within India's manufacturing theme.

"This thematic fund, is designed to capitalize on India’s growing momentum, focusing on sectors that stand to redefine India’s industrial contours. We invite investors to embrace the future with the Axis India Manufacturing Fund, a fund that's engineered to grow with India's manufacturing ambitions," explained Mr. B. Gop Kumar, MD & CEO, Axis AMC.

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