HMSI conducted 3 days awareness campaign in Salem Cluny Vidya Nikethan

Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India conducted its National Road Safety Awareness Campaign to the city of Salem in Tamil Nadu to enhance its people centric approach towards road safety. Through these three days camp at Cluny Vidya Nikethan Salem, HMSI witnessed the active participation of more than 2100 students and staff members. The road safety instructors utilize the age-appropriate road safety learning programs to enhance the retention of road safety awareness among all.

Honda’s skilled instructors set the foundation with theory sessions on road signs & markings, driver’s duties on road, riding gear & posture explanation and safe riding etiquettes.A special training activity on Honda’s virtual riding simulator was executed for all to experience over 100 possible dangers on road before actual riding.

Participants were given danger prediction training known as Kiken Yosoku Training (KYT) which helps in enhancing rider/driver’s sensitivity to danger and ensures safe driving behaviour on roads. Students & school staff members who are already existing riders tested & honed their riding skills through slow riding activities and riding on narrow planks.

In alignment with its CSR commitment, HMSI is actively involved in various road safety initiatives. HMSI firmly believes that instilling road safety awareness at an early age is crucial, and thus, advocates for the integration of road safety training in school and college curriculum. Understanding that young minds are receptive to learning, the company aims to empower the next generation with the knowledge and skills necessary for navigating roads responsibly.

 In India HMSI is working in line with this vision and the Government of India direction of reducing fatalities to half by 2030. One critical aspect of achieving this goal is inculcating a positive mindset towards road safety in our children by the year 2030 and continuing to educate them thereafter. Road safety education at schools and Colleges is not only to create awareness but to inculcate a safety culture in young minds and turn them to be the safety ambassador.

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