Orientbell unveils its new campaign

Breaking free from the glittering allure of celebrity endorsements, Orientbell Tiles is about to embark on an extraordinary journey with its latest campaign - a thought-provoking exploration of the age-old question, Stars or Substance? 

In an age where brands often ride the celeb wave, Orientbell Tiles is flipping the script. The upcoming campaign, aptly named 100% Tiles and 0% Celebs, is not just about tiles. It's a reflection on the very essence of authenticity in advertising. It takes a stand, challenging the norm that equates star power with product worth.

Set to unfold across diverse media channels, 100% Tiles and 0% Celebs aims to captivate hearts and minds, not by celeb name-dropping, but by sparking a dialogue on what truly defines excellence. And customer delight. The visuals and messaging are crafted to engage, provoke thought, and inspire consumers to make choices based on the essence of a brand, rather than the celebrity attached to it.

Barely 25% of the consumers believe that most celebs use the products they endorse. More than 50% want to hold celebs accountable for the claims they endorse.  The 100% Tiles and 0% Celebs campaign is an invitation to question the status quo, to ponder the authenticity behind countless celeb endorsements.  

Orientbell is making a bold statement: no celeb endorsements, no shallow, marketing gimmicks. Orientbell Tiles will stand proudly on its own merit. And make Shopping for Floor & Wall Tiles easier.  This campaign is not just about our brand; it's about the broader conversation - the choice between superficial glam and authentic substance," shared Alok Agarwal, Chief Marketing Officer at Orientbell Tiles.

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