PROFICORN 2023 witnessed over 1200 business owners

Proficorn 2023, held at the Sheraton Grand in Bangalore, was a testament to the vibrant spirit of entrepreneurship. Over two days, more than 1200 business owners gathered, bringing an electrifying energy to the massive auditorium. As per the release, the Business Success Awards, recognizing 43 MSME business owners, were a highlight, showcasing the remarkable achievements within the community. The recipients' passionate speeches reflected their journey and the event's impact on their entrepreneurial spirit.

Day one started with Raj Shamani, whose masterclass on branding shared seven powerful principles, garnering thunderous applause. His insights offered a fresh perspective on establishing and nurturing a brand in today's competitive market. This was complemented by Rujuta Diwekar's nostalgic journey into creating her unique nutrition brand in the 90s, underlining the importance of conviction in one's value addition. The event also celebrated the local flavors of entrepreneurship with Raghavendra Rao & Divya Raghavendra Rao of Rameshwaram Cafe. They  underscored the importance of customer-centric business models

Day 2 commenced with Dr. A Velumani of Thyrocare, whose oratory skills and insightful advice on focus and frugality captivated the audience. Brijesh Agrawal, the co-founder of Indiamart, followed with a powerful narrative, emphasizing humility as a key to success. His journey illustrated simplicity's power in driving the entrepreneurial world forward. A surprise session by Faye D’Souza, a renowned journalist, added depth to the event. In a fireside chat with hosts Rajiv Talreja and Karan Hasija, she uncovered the challenges and visions behind championing MSMEs, providing a unique perspective on business development.

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