Justdial has emerged as a key enabler for small businesses in Puducherry

 In recent years, Puducherry has witnessed remarkable economic growth, fueled by its diverse industries and strategic location. The Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) of Puducherry has experienced a steady rise, with a notable 4.09% growth rate, reflecting the territory’s economic dynamism and potential for development. Recognising the pivotal role of MSMEs in driving economic growth and fostering entrepreneurship, Justdial has emerged as a key enabler for small businesses in Puducherry.

Leveraging its comprehensive platform and extensive network, the platform empowers MSMEs to enhance their visibility, attract customers, and expand their operations across diverse sectors. Justdial’s commitment to supporting MSMEs in Puducherry reflects its dedication to fostering entrepreneurship and economic development in the region. Through its innovative solutions and unparalleled reach, the platform continues to empower businesses and drive growth in Puducherry’s vibrant business landscape.

Sharing his success story, Sakthivel, from GR Gold, said, “We have been operating in the gold buying and selling industry for the past 6 years. Initially, we registered with Justdial and advertised our Pondicherry branch. The response was overwhelmingly positive, with valuable feedback and numerous leads generated. Encouraged by this success, we expanded our operations to include various districts. Once again, we leveraged Justdial’s platform to promote our new branches, resulting in a steady influx of leads. This experience has provided us with valuable insights, motivating us to explore further business opportunities”.

Echoing similar sentiment, Shankar, owner of Manora Residency, said, “After registering with Justdial, there has been significant growth in my business. I am getting around 10 leads per day, and many of them convert into bookings. Justdial has been instrumental in driving this growth”.

Yuvaraj, founder of The Roomly, emphasised the importance of Justdial to expand and thrive in the competitive hospitality industry and stated, “Justdial has played a pivotal role in the success of my business, serving as a primary source of bookings and revenue. One of the key advantages of using Justdial is the ability to directly interact with guests before their arrival. This allows us to understand their preferences and requirements better, enabling us to provide personalised services that result in better ratings and reviews. The opportunity to serve guests better not only enhances their experience but also increases the likelihood of them returning as repeat customers”.

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