Bio Liquors - World’s First Bio Liquor

BIO India officially introduces its premium range of domestically produced Bio-Liquor products, Encompassing Bio whisky, Bio Rum, and Bio Brandy. Dr. Srinivas Amarnath, recipient of the Best Doctor and Botanist Award from Sri Venkateswara University, recounted his motivation to address alcoholism, spurred by familial experiences. He emphasized the need for a solution to mitigate the global healthcare burden attributable to alcohol-related ailments. Driven by his personal experiences, Dr. Amarnath felt compelled to seek solutions to address this pressing issue. Which led to the Invention of Bio Liquors for the first time in the World. 

Bio Liquors are crafted using a variety of Rare Botanicals. BIO India will introduce whisky, brandy, rum, and vodka infused with these rare Botanicals, BIO India has launched its inaugural premium BIO liquor range, now available in select states, Telangana, Odisha & Punjab. Recognizing Telangana as a pivotal market, the company eagerly anticipates introducing this innovative offering to the region. BIO India garnered acclaim at a recent spirit-tasting competition in the US. 

Dr. Srinivas Amarnath, the Inventor of Bio Liquors, stated, "Bio liquors are Imbued with Bio Alkaloids, Natural Aromas devoid of synthetic flavors and colors, yet offer comparable intoxicating effects to traditional liquor brands. Drawing from three decades of expertise in Ayurveda, and plant-based Nanotechnology, I have pioneered the development of bio liquors, leveraging botanicals and their inherent properties."

Managing Director Srinivasa Rayalu noted the attributes of Bio Liquors, emphasizing its properties. Making substantial investments in research, development, and marketing, with expenditures totaling approximately $ 7 million for research and development, blend formulation, and sample testing globally.

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