CEAT partnered with KTM RC Cup as the official racing partner


CEAT Tyres, a leading tyre manufacturer renowned for its cutting-edge technology and commitment to safety, is proud to announce its partnership with the KTM RC CUP as the official racing partner. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in CEAT's journey to support and enhance the world of motorsports. 

The KTM RC CUP, known for its thrilling races and exceptional talent, will benefit immensely from CEAT Tyres' advanced tyre technology designed to provide superior grip, enhanced performance, and unmatched durability. CEAT Tyres will be supplying their recently launched CEAT Steel Sport Rad tyres, specifically tailored to meet the rigorous demands of high-speed racing, ensuring that every racer can achieve their maximum potential on the track.

Talking about the partnership with KTM, CEAT Chief Marketing Officer Mr. Lakshmi Narayanan B Said, "We are thrilled to partner with KTM RC Cup Season 2 as a Racing partner. We have recently launched Steel Sport Rad tyres in the Market which is manufactured in our chennai plant.  These tyres are used in racers bikes in this entire season in all 4 cities. We have received a good response for our tyres from Global testing and development consultant, Jeremy Mcwilliams Research and Emmanuel Jebaraj, the creator of Gusto Racing and all the racers participated in the finale. This year the Lap time was increased.  Lap difference is around 1.5 secs which is very huge. Riders were so comfortable, confident and able to push it smoothly. This is the proof for our tyres performance. 

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