Range Rover custom made in India : Curated luxury at range rover house


Range Rover House has arrived in India with an exclusive, modern luxury experience designed to reflect the tastes and desires of the discerning and affluent clientele of the region. Range Rover House India makes its debut in the luxurious coastal town of Alibaug, displaying some of the first Range Rover and Range Rover Sport vehicles which will now be produced in India, exclusively for the Indian market. With sustained client demand in India on the rise for Range Rover’s luxuriously appointed large SUVs, both the elegant Range Rover and the dynamic, modern performance SUV, the Range Rover Sport, will be locally manufactured in Pune, India, for the first time. 

The move will enable the clientele in India to benefit from shorter wait times for Range Rover’s pinnacle vehicles, expanding JLR’s ability to offer a modern luxury client journey. India will be the first country to locally manufacture Range Rover and Range Rover Sport, which will join Range Rover Velar, Range Rover Evoque, Jaguar F-PACE and Discovery Sport which are already locally manufactured at JLR’s facility in Pune.

Range Rover most desirable luxury SUV that combines serene comfort and composure with all-conquering capability. Locally manufactured Range Rover now available in 3.0 L Petrol Autobiography delivering power of 293 kW and torque of 550 Nm and 3.0 L Diesel HSE delivering power of 258 kW and torque of 700 Nm. Deliveries for the locally manufactured Range Rover begin on 24th May. Range Rover 3.0 L Diesel HSE LWB priced at ₹236 Lakh and Range Rover 3.0 L Petrol Autobiography LWB priced at ₹260 L.

The Range Rover makes every journey an occasion to be remembered, combining advanced technology with modern luxury to deliver peerless refinement for every occupant. By eliminating unwanted noises, vibrations and distractions and reducing the cognitive load on the driver and passengers. Advanced speaker technology builds on the fundamental refinement provided by the MLA-Flex body architecture to deliver serene cabin calmness. It uses the 1 600 W Meridian Signature Sound System to create one of the quietest vehicle interiors on the road. The third-generation Active Noise Cancellation system monitors wheel vibrations, tyre noise and engine sounds transmitted into the cabin and generates a cancelling signal, which is played through the system’s 35 speakers. 

The Cabin Air Purification Pro  combines dual-nanoe X technology to reduce odours and airborne germs, while CO2 Management and PM2.5 Cabin Air Filtration enhance air quality. Fully independent air suspension isolates the cabin from surface imperfections more effectively than ever, for serene composure at all times. It combines industry-leading air springs volumes with twin-valve dampers - all managed by in-house-developed Adaptive Dynamics control software. The award-winning Pivi Pro infotainment technology with its largest ever touchscreen features a 33.27 cm (13.1) curved, floating screen embodies the architectural lightness of the interior with a minimalist frame design.

Range Rover Sport, Sporting luxury and effortless on-road performance with trademark Range Rover refinement.  Locally manufactured Range Rover Sport now available in 3.0 L Petrol Dynamic SE delivering power of 293 kW and torque of 550 Nm and 3.0 L Diesel Dynamic SE delivering power of 258 kW and torque of 700 Nm. Deliveries for the locally manufactured Range Rover Sport begin on 16th August 2024. Range Rover Sport 3.0 L Petrol Dynamic SE and 3.0 L Diesel Dynamic SE priced at ₹140 Lakh. 

New Range Rover Sport delivers unparalleled road presence through its short overhangs, large wheels and unmistakable, dramatic profile. Range Rover Sport is built on the state-of-the-art MLA-Flex platform, which enables next-level capability, performance and handling, as well as greater efficiency.  Dynamic Air Suspension delivers unprecedented refinement while elements like Pre-emptive Air Suspension and Adaptive Off-Road Cruise Control, collectively increase all-round capability.The interior of the New Range Rover Sport is modernist.

 High-performance visibility is guaranteed with the new Digital LED Headlights featuring Adaptive Front Lighting, while new Low Speed Manoeuvring Lights provide ultimate convenience. The award-winning Pivi Pro infotainment features a high resolution floating 33.27 cm (13.1) haptic touchscreen positioned at the centre of the modernist dashboard. Next-generation Cabin Air Purification Pro is available to create and maintain the perfect driving environment and ensures well-being of everyone on board.

Lennard Hoornik, Chief Commercial Officer, JLR, said,“Local manufacturing of the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport in India is the next significant step towards the brand consolidating its position as the most desirable modern luxury SUV family, in the country. While Range Rover will now be ‘Made in India’ for clients in this market, its exemplary British design remains distinctive and will continue to define the aesthetic grace and technological sophistication that is synonymous to the Range Rover brand.”

Geraldine Ingham, Managing Director of Range Rover, said, “This is an unprecedented success story and India is a very important part of it. Retail sales in India, for FY24 alone, have surged by 160%, and locally manufacturing the Range Rover will enable the brand to respond to this growing demand among discerning clients and celebrated personalities across the country.”

Rajan Amba, Managing Director, JLR India, said, “This is a proud moment for all of us in India, as we become the first country to locally manufacture the iconic Range Rover. It is testament to the quality standards we have successfully achieved in local manufacturing in India, that are at par with JLR standards globally. Manufacturing the Range Rover family locally will bring together the best of both worlds, as outstanding British design, technology and refinement meets the pride of owning a ‘Made in India’ luxury vehicle.”

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