HDFC Securities Caution customers against Fraudulent WhatsApp Groups and Impersonation Scams

HDFC Securities Limited, subsidiary of HDFC Bank and leading stock broking company, caution the customers against a rise in fraudulent activities involving fake WhatsApp groups impersonating the company and its officials. HDFC Securities urges all investors to exercise extreme caution and avoid subscribing to any scheme or product offered by individuals or entities claiming to provide indicative, assured, or guaranteed returns in the stock market, as this is illegal.

These groups may deceive customers to share sensitive information and transfer funds by promising high returns. HDFC Securities want to caution its customers that do not ask for trading credentials, such as user ID and password.

Sandeep Bhardwaj, CDO & COO of HDFC Securities, emphasizes, "It is crucial for investors to be vigilant against fraudulent activities and to make investment decisions based on thorough research and credible information. Always verify the authenticity of any communication claiming to be from HDFC Securities and ensure you are transacting only through our official channels."

HDFC Securities does not solicit personal information, including AADHAR or PAN card details, via WhatsApp or any unofficial channels. Furthermore, customers are not added to WhatsApp groups nor are requested for fund transfers outside the official platforms.

To ensure safety, apps should be downloaded only from trusted sources like the official HDFC Securities website or authorized app stores. If customers encounters any suspicious activities or groups claiming to represent HDFC Securities, they should report them immediately to the designated customer service team.

For further assistance or to report a scam, contact HDFC Securities Customer Service at 022-39019400.

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