The House of Abhinandan Lodha spreads the light of Ayodhya across the world: Historic events at New York, Dubai, Delhi NCR

HoABL showcased the immense potential of Ayodhya - the symbol of national pride, inviting global participation in Ayodhya’s promising future. The events highlighted the importance of connecting the Indian diaspora with their heritage and cementing Ayodhya’s rise as the global spiritual capital. This global activation is in line with the Central and State Government’s plan to transform Ayodhya into a Global spiritual and cultural hub. By presenting Ayodhya's rich legacy at iconic locations, HoABL underscored the city’s significance and growth potential.

The event highlights included an immersive display at the largest frame in the world, Dubai Frame, standing tall at 150 meters. Dubai Frame is one of Dubai’s most iconic structures and it signifies a bridge between the past and the present, so it was a fitting destination to honour Ayodhya’s tradition while heralding its future through an immersive augmented reality display, In Times Square, New York City, a video display and on-ground activation brought Ayodhya's heritage to the heart of NYC, connecting a global audience to the splendor of Ayodhya. Additionally, a spectacular drone-show illuminated the skies of Delhi NCR , celebrating Ayodhya's historical and spiritual significance, showcasing progress, innovation and tradition.

Mr. Abhinandan Lodha, Chairman of The House of Abhinandan Lodha, said, "It is our honor to be able to showcase the glory of Ayodhyaji on a world stage. By showcasing Ayodhyaji's heritage and spiritual significance at global landmarks we are connecting the Indian diaspora with their roots. This global launch is another opportunity for the Indian Diaspora to buy as a lot of them missed the previous opportunity in January 2024. We invite Indians worldwide to invest in land at Ayodhya, creating a legacy that honors our past and builds a promising future. Our mission is to elevate Ayodhya to its rightful place as a global spiritual capital, and today, we have taken a significant step in that direction."

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